Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

Do you have plans for the family this New Year's Eve? It's fun to stay up late and watch the ball drop from Time's Square, but kids need lots of fun activities to keep them occupied while they wait to ring in the New Year. We've compiled a list of great activities that are fun for the whole family and great for getting school aged kiddos excited about celebrating a fun new year. So put on your party hats and get ready to celebrate!

Write Your New Year's Resolutions Together

Coming up with New Year's resolutions can be fun. The trick is to make sure you keep everything simple and light-hearted. For starters, scrap the long and tedious lists and promises to get in better shape. Instead have each member of the family come up with just one or two small resolutions. Then make sure your resolutions are all about having fun! For example, you could commit to visiting 5 different local parks in the upcoming year or make plans to play board games together a couple of times each month. 

Make Predictions for the New Year 

As a family, write down your prediction for the next 365 days, then keep track of them throughout the year to see how many things actually happen. Here are a few questions that might help you get started with a fun list of predictions:
  • How many soccer games will Sarah's team win next year?
  • How many different kinds of vegetables will you harvest from the family garden?
  • How many parties will the family attend?
  • How many jars of peanut butter will the family buy next year?
Celebrate the New Year in Every Time Zone

Okay, so staying awake for every time zone might be hard to pull off. You can still track the New Year across the globe in several different time zones. This activity is a great way to learn about science and geography while you party. For extra fun, see if you can say "Happy New Year" in the languages of the different countries as you make the count down. (Hint: use this cheat sheet for help.)

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