Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Finds

Last week, Tori, the hostess from Thoughtfully Simple contacted me about one of my 2008 Valentine's Day tablescape. Not only was I giddy because of this contact (as she simply has great taste) but I was also delighted, because through her site I ran across all sorts of other very cool entertaining related web stores and blogs.
The little window shoppe was the first I visited. Such cute stuff. Emily's blog also features daily finds. She also has a sweet shoppes area where shop owners can feature their own little shops - either for free, if you link back to her site, or for a $10 fee, if you prefer not to link. I jumped right on the $10 deal and am currently featured in the parties and events area of her sweet shoppes. So excited.

Then I ran across the polka dot market and more cutesy items. This site really makes me wish that I had kids to buy all of these way too fun dotted items for. Sally even has a Polka Dot Birthday blog which features, you guessed it, polka dotted birthday items. All are way too darling.

Through the sweet shoppes at little window shoppe, I ran across the above site , pinkfrosting. Wow! They are an Australian based event planning site which features pages and pages and pages of great party and event planning ideas - for all of life's celebrations, as they put it. Picture the event planning portions of on fun and playful - yet harmless - steroids. I've only had time to briefly browse this site and blog but I so immediately marked it as one of my favorites.
For those out there who have a birthday party or event in the near future, after visiting the above sites you'll be sure to find a handful - or two - or three - of great ideas!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Romantical Holiday Table

Our Valentine's Day table is all set for the most romantical day of the year. To view pictures of our 2009 Valentine's Day Tablescape, click here. For those who missed out on our 2008 heart themed tablescapes, click here. Similar pinwheels are available for purchase at our pinwhirls site. We've even launched some festively fabulous Valentine's Day themed papers and are able to totally customize pinwheels for your upcoming Valentine's Day parties.
Speaking of Valentine's get-togethers, we are procrastinating on our plans this year. It's not a very good year to be procrastinating since the big holiday falls on a Saturday night. Not sure I'm up for going to an overcrowded restaurant. The church is once again having a Spaghetti dinner for couples on Vtines day. We went last year - with my older sister and her hubby - (in addition to White Castles and the Opera) and I must tell you, I was pleasantly surprised, but being in a gym is not very romantic - even with candles. I've been thinking that maybe we should just fondue it at home. And maybe invite the same sister and her hubby over as well and have a couple's fondue night. We shall see.
Anyone else have any big plans or ideas for Vtines Day?