Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Finds

Last week, Tori, the hostess from Thoughtfully Simple contacted me about one of my 2008 Valentine's Day tablescape. Not only was I giddy because of this contact (as she simply has great taste) but I was also delighted, because through her site I ran across all sorts of other very cool entertaining related web stores and blogs.
The little window shoppe was the first I visited. Such cute stuff. Emily's blog also features daily finds. She also has a sweet shoppes area where shop owners can feature their own little shops - either for free, if you link back to her site, or for a $10 fee, if you prefer not to link. I jumped right on the $10 deal and am currently featured in the parties and events area of her sweet shoppes. So excited.

Then I ran across the polka dot market and more cutesy items. This site really makes me wish that I had kids to buy all of these way too fun dotted items for. Sally even has a Polka Dot Birthday blog which features, you guessed it, polka dotted birthday items. All are way too darling.

Through the sweet shoppes at little window shoppe, I ran across the above site , pinkfrosting. Wow! They are an Australian based event planning site which features pages and pages and pages of great party and event planning ideas - for all of life's celebrations, as they put it. Picture the event planning portions of on fun and playful - yet harmless - steroids. I've only had time to briefly browse this site and blog but I so immediately marked it as one of my favorites.
For those out there who have a birthday party or event in the near future, after visiting the above sites you'll be sure to find a handful - or two - or three - of great ideas!

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