Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jingle Jingle Jingle

Jingle Jingle Jingle
You will hear these pinwheels ring!
Just in time for the holidays
we are introducing our newest pinwheels.
Our 2010 Holiday Pinwheels
feaure either shimmering snowflake centers
jingle bells that actually ring.
They are too cute and make just the slightest ring.
They can be purchased at our Etsy shop.
After the holidays, these ringing pinwheels
will also be too cute for bride/groom send-offs!
Also perfect for those reception sites that don't
allow tapping of the glasses.
Just ring these cuties instead!
On another Holiday note
the Drehers are all decorated for Christmas.
Yep, you heard me correctly.
We decorated, with the help of some friends, last weekend.
Such a relief to have it done.
Hoping this will allow me some time to relax around
the holidays this year instead of spending so much time decorating.
I'm also looking forward to the upcoming Turkey Day.
Have already baked pumpkin bread.
On that note, Gabers is getting up so I best be moving right along.
Hope everyone has a safe and yummy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You are Invited to our Monster Laboratory!

Late in the summer I found the above costume for my little Gabe.
I showed it to Hubby and he agreed that it was the first perfect costume for our little Slobber Monster. Fast forward a couple of months and I decided to host a Halloween Party. I battled back and forth between a "Pinwheels into Pumpkins" theme and a Monster themed Halloween party. Not because I didn't totally love the Monster theme, but because I'd already sort of had this theme in mind for his first birthday party. But, as you can see the Monster Laboratory theme eventually won out as it just went so perfectly with his costume! I designed the above invite to invite all of our guests - I couldn't help but plaster our little slobber monster on the invitation ...
as well as the above little monsters. {Aren't they the cutest?} They, as well as a few other designs, were also used throughout the party on food tents, hang tags, food bags, cookies, etc.

Guests were welcomed to Gabe's Monster Laboratory by luminaries and ghoulish gourds. I made the above wreath with black tulle and festive ribbons.

Upon entering, they were greeted by Miranda, the Mannequin and by Gordon's Green Glittery Hands.

Pre-dinner spooky snacks included these handmade S'mores Caramel Apples.

As well as Hauntingly Hot Potions including Orange Hot Chocolate, Ghost {White} Hot Chocolate, and Spooky Spider Cider.

Party cones filled with Cinnamon & Sugar Kettle Corn and Chocolate Kettle Corn were also available.

For the kiddos, we also had a 'Buffet of Body Parts' which included body shaped gummies from ears, to noses, to severed fingers and toes.

My favorites - the gummy eyeballs, brains, and fangs!

Next we move onto the 'Tower of Treats' as I'm a firm believer in eating dessert first {or at least saving room for plenty of it}! The Tower of Treats featured an abundance of sweets including ...

Cookie Monsters
Home Made Butter Cream icing between two Oatmeal-Cranberry-Walnut cookies
A tie for my favorite dessert!
Monster Head Cupcakes {Butter Cream icing atop red velvet cupcakes}
Shots of Monster Blood {Tapioca Pudding featuring lg dyed tapioca pearls}
For decor we used black and white fabric as a backdrop as well as shreds of ghoul cloth. We also filled beakers with lg dyed tapioca pearls and mini m&m candies.
'Eye'ffles {Handmade chocolate truffles - the other tie for my favorite dessert!}
Monster Cookies {designed by Whimsical Originals - notice how she replicated our monsters perfectly!} The Monster Cookies were definitely the visual hit of the party!

Cherry Brain Parts {shortbread tarts filled with cherry pie filling and freshly made whipped cream topping piped on to form a brain topping}.

Marshmallow Monster Teeth {square vanilla marshmallows dipped in colorful candy melts}

Brain Jello {cherry Jello brain}
Skull Cake {handmade by my sister}
Brain Juice Punch {complete with floating eye balls}
Centerpiece on the food table included flickering candles, beakers filled with colored water, dyed tapioca pearls, and mini m&m candies. Instead of traditional glasses, guests drank out of plastic beakers {as they needed to be kid friendly} and monster grin straws.

Candy Eyeball drink stirrers were a huge hit with the kids.

For dinner we served, Decomposed Salad, Monster Eyes {sausage balls} ...

... Breadstick Bones with Monster Blood {pizza sauce} ...
Rigaboney {not shown}, Spooky Spaghetti Noodles {black and orange spaghetti noodles - not shown} with Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce {not shown}.

Parting Favors included test tubes {plastic for the kiddos} filled with candy bones. The die cut labels read 'Thanks for Jointing Us!' {You get it? Bones - Joints!} And who could forget about the cute little Monster Cookies! Guests also had goody grub bags available to bag up the over abundance of treats from the party. I surely didn't want all of the sweets sitting around my house after the party. :)

The party was a monstrous success - although there was a fire ban in our county {due to lack of rain} so we couldn't tell ghost stories or roast marshmallows by the fire. Boo-hoo. But it was still great fun for all of the costumed guests including myself {zombie nurse}, my hubby {mad scientist}, Gabe {slobber monster}, sunbathing beauty, two mummies, Juno, lumberjack, ballerina, scary creature, old man Superman, Cleopatra & Caesar, Spiderman, Batman, Giraffe, and a Pirate!
To view larger photos of the party just click here!
Although this was a Halloween themed bash, I imagine this party being super cute and creative throughout the entire year! Select items from the party will soon be available for purchase on our website.
How to replicate the party:
Monster Costume - One Step Ahead
Monster Cookies - Whimsical Originals
Monster Invite - Crossroads Cottage
Monster Food Tents - Crossroads Cottage
Party Cones - Crossroads Cottage
Hang Tags - Crossroads Cottage
Bag Tags - Crossroads Cottage
Treat Bags - Crossroads Cottage
Monster Grin Straws: Crossroads Cottage
Ghoul/Mummy Cloth/Fabric: Jo Ann Fabrics
Black and White Fabric: Hobby Lobby
Black Flickering Candles: Hobby Lobby
Beakers, Flasks, and Test Tubes: LCM Lab
White Serving Dishes: HomeGoods and Target
Silver Skeleton Salad Forks: Target
Gummy Brains, Eyeballs, and Fangs: Target
Gummy Eyeball Ice Cubes: Target
Eyeball Drink Stirrers - WalMart
Skull Cake Pan - Wilton
Eyeball Candies - Hobby Lobby
Brain Mold: Spirit Halloween
Manequin Head: Spirit Halloween
Glittery Hands: HomeGoods
Tulle Wreath: Crossroads Cottage
KettleCorn: Popcorn Indiana
Paper liners: Jo Ann Fabrics
Tulle and Ribbon for Wreath: Hobby Lobby

Food Recipes:
Brain Juice Punch:
2 bottles sparkling white grape juice
2 gallons orange juice
2 L lemon-lime soda
1/2 gallon orange sherbert
Combine sparkling grape juice, oj, and soda in a lg punch bowl. Scoop sherbert into bowl until it has produced a nice scum over the top. Garnish with a full tray of gummy eyeball ice cubes.
Other hints:
- Monster Cupcakes: Make the cupcakes and icing ahead of time and ice. My sister and I made them a week ahead of time and stored in the freezer until the morning of. Don't add the eyes until day of party.
- Cookie Monster Cookies: We also made the cookies and icing 1 week before the party. They also froze perfectly. Eyes were added before freezing.
- Chocolate Eye Truffles: Followed the recipe on the back of the baker chocolate box. Rolled the balls in sprinkles and added the eyes. Add eyes before rolling in sprinkles. They were also frozen the week before the party.
- S'mores Caramel Apples: Made the night before the party. I'd never worked with Caramel before. Yowsers the caramel cooled quickly - within 5 seconds. I used the individually wrapped caramels out of the bag. The secret was putting the crushed grahams (to make things simpler I bought the grahams already crushed from the baking section), mini chocolate chips and mini marshamallows all in the same dipping bowl. Also I had to cut the mini marshamallows in half so they didn't look quite so large on the apples.
- Cherry Brain Tarts: I also used pre-made shortbread tarts and cherry pie filling from the baking section. I added a bit of cinnamon to the cherry pie filling just because I LOVE cinnamon.
The whipped cream was home made. The colors turned out a bit too pastel for my liking, but if I added more and mixed the cream more I would have risked overbeating the cream. {I added the coloring after beating}. Next time I might try adding the coloring before beating ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hostess with the Mostess

Sometimes a girl just needs to twirl with delight.
And recently I've twirled twice
as my pinwheels were featured in parties on
one one of my favorite blogs
Several weeks ago they were featured in a
Bright and Bold Butterfly themed party
by Rebekah with A Blissful Nest.
If you are in a down mood now that the drearier days of
fall are upon us just visit the post about the party
it will surely brighten your day!

just recently Amy with Amy Nichols Special Events
emailed to let me know that her Bouncy Ball Themed event was
also featured on the Hostess with the Mostess blog.
I loved working with Amy on these pinwheels as the theme was so creative.
Although it was ball themed, it was a subtle ball theme with lots of circles and polka dots
instead of the traditional sports balls.
Love how it turned out!
You will too.

I'm also twirling with delight as fall is here and things have slowed a bit.
I finally have time to breath.
This has allowed me to spend some more time with my Little Gabers
who is growing way too fast
to check out some recent photos on/around his 6 month birthday click here.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Awhile back, in the wee hours of the morning, I came across the below invitation for sale on Etsy. I immediately went gaga (no, not lady gaga) over it. Yes, because of the pinwheels, but also because of the vintage carnival design. I quickly contacted anders ruff (the sellers) asking if I could design some papers to coordinate with this invitation. And much to my delight, I received a response - almost immediately - from both Adria and Maureen (yes - two separate messages) - which is sayin' a lot as it was seriously like 1 in the morning. (Do us etsians ever sleep?) They were kind enough to agree - yay! So, I stayed up the rest of the night designing the papers. Not-even-joking. Wish I were. Who needs sleep? Not I - especially when I've found such a find!

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, and here we are. The final products using their inspired papers. I would place some more photos in this blog posting, but what can I say, I'm not going to.
I wish I could provide some very exciting excuse such as I'm just about to catch a flight to - insert exotic location - but the truth of the matter is that I have a crying 4.5 month old (on my lap - typing with one hand - such fun), have been spit up on three times in the last hour, and I have 6 shipments to get out the door very soon. (How I'm going to carry them and Gabe into the post office , not so sure yet. Hubby - please arrive home early tonight.) The only thing getting me through this day is the Christmas music playing in the background - yes, I said Christmas music. (What - is it too early?) So, to view all of my exciting carnival creations just click here. Hope this will do.
If not, visit AndersRuff's blog as they obviously have it much more together and have tons of photos posted. While you are there, register to win over $114 of my products.
I promise, if you are the lucky winner, or if you are one of the unlucky folks who actually has to purchase one of my products (wait that sounds terrible), not a one of them will have spit up on them. We try to keep that contained to mommy's clothes. :)
On a side note: visit their etsy shop to purchase the invite.
It's a print yourself invite so super affordable. They also have lots of other printable items.
Perfect for everyone on a budget - and who isn't these days? I even offer diy kits for my products.
Well, I'm off. My xmas music has just shut off. My sign that it's time to be moving right along.
Have a fantabulous weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010

uber- exciting news

I have some uber- exciting news.
In case you are wondering, uber is a few steps higher than super.
featured in the 2010 fall/winter issue of the knot magazine.
Check out page 56 in the notebook trends section -
5 ways brides are saving $5,000.
We were featured as #3 - they're skipping the flower girls' bouquets.
This news seriously made my month -
I didn't even realize that I'd made the issue until a friend,
who just got engaged, emailed me about it.
A staffer did request samples months ago - she said
that they loved them and then I never heard another word.
So, I just thought they weren't going to be included.
Guess I was wrong - for once, I'm glad I was wrong!
Since the arrival of little Gabe in April I've found it difficult
balancing this pinwhirls business and a newborn.
Some days, when I look at my to do list, I think it's impossible
and some days I just want to give up.
But, it's news like this that keeps me going.
So, thank you the knot, for making my month!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Molly & Logan: Pinwheels Galore

I had the pleasure of working with Molly beginning in the fall of 2008. She was one of those totally organized brides whom I love to work with as not only wasn't her wedding not until May of 2009 (which gave us lots of time to work out the details), she also already had the perfect vision of her wedding day. And, lucky for me, her vision involved a fun pinwheel filled wedding.
She is pictured with her hubby, Logan, above. As you can see pinwheels were pulled into almost every aspect of their big day. Yes, those are fondant pinwheels, on her wedding cake! How cool is that? I just love when something looks good enough to eat, and considering my love for pinwheels, I would so love to take a bite out of one of these cuties. (Although who am I kidding? I couldn't destroy such a precious pinwheel - even if I am 38 weeks pregnant and am craving all things sugar.) :)
And, just look at her Save the Dates - not only are they gorgeous, the cards were also enclosed in a pinwheel fold. See, I wasn't fibbing when I said that pinwheels were used in almost every aspect of the wedding. (Save the Date and Invite Photos courtesy of Giddy Ink.)

The invites were equally as gorgeous - I was instantly in love with their monogram. Just look how the 'M' and the 'L' melt together. Just perfect.

As Molly and Logan left the church they were greeted by their guests waving these 'Love' themed pinwheels. Molly did a great job finding the above scrapbook paper that matched her colors and theme perfectly.

Aren't Molly and Logan the cutest?
In all of their photos you can just see how much they enjoyed their fun-filled day.
Another just totally unique part of their wedding - the wedding party left the church and arrived at the reception in a trolley. Yes, you heard me right - a trolley. It doesn't get much more fun than that. And no, they aren't in San Francisco - they wed in Ohio!
Look at the above pinwheel just a spinning in the wind of the trolley!
When guests arrived at the reception hall, they were instructed where to seat with our pinwheel place cards. Once again, Molly found the perfect favor for these little cuties and I printed their wedding monogram on the inside of these pinwheels. Lisa from Pen & Ink Calligraphy did an awesome job hand lettering the place cards.

The pinwheels were propped into candy filled votive holders.

Oh, just look at the beautiful sea of pinwheels ...

Thanks Molly and Logan for allowing us to feature your wedding on our site.
I'm sure the photos will bring much fun to our followers.
Thanks as well to Kitty Maer Photography for not only capturing such wonderful images but allowing for us to share them.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just in Time for Summer Weddings ... Wedding Pinwheel Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Large Traditional Handheld Pinwheel Bouquet on 12” Handle
- Traditional two quadrant pinwheels feature colorful Japanese tape on handles and floral center spinners.
$6.50 each
Minimum order of 4, must be ordered in sets/multiples of 4
For each set of 4, client is able to select 2 papers – one for inside and one for outside of pinwheel

Large Peony Handheld Pinwheel Bouquet on 12” Handle
- Double pinwheels feature colorful ribbons strung from handles.
$8.50 each
Minimum order of 4, must be ordered in sets/multiples of 4
For each set of 4, client is able to select 4 papers

Extra Large Traditional Pinwheel Bouquet on 16” Dowel Handle
~ Traditional two quadrant pinwheels feature colorful ribbons, decorative ends, and floral center spinners.
$13.00 each, Minimum order of 4
For each pinwheel client may select two papers – one for the inside and one for the outside of each pinwheel

Peony Pinwheel Boutonniere
- Double pinwheel attachment.
$5.50 each
Minimum order of 4, must be ordered in sets/multiples of 4
For each set of 4, client is able to select 2 papers – one for inside and one for outside of pinwheel
Traditional Pinwheel Boutonniere
- Traditional two quadrant pinwheel attachment.
$4.00 each
Minimum order of 4, must be ordered in sets/multiples of 4
For each set of 4, client is able to select 2 papers – one for inside and one for outside of pinwheel
The below additions can be added to any of the above pinwheels.
Color Alterations: Simple color changes begin at $5 per paper design altered
Personalization of Quadrants: Custom text can be added for $15 design fee