Friday, August 27, 2010


Awhile back, in the wee hours of the morning, I came across the below invitation for sale on Etsy. I immediately went gaga (no, not lady gaga) over it. Yes, because of the pinwheels, but also because of the vintage carnival design. I quickly contacted anders ruff (the sellers) asking if I could design some papers to coordinate with this invitation. And much to my delight, I received a response - almost immediately - from both Adria and Maureen (yes - two separate messages) - which is sayin' a lot as it was seriously like 1 in the morning. (Do us etsians ever sleep?) They were kind enough to agree - yay! So, I stayed up the rest of the night designing the papers. Not-even-joking. Wish I were. Who needs sleep? Not I - especially when I've found such a find!

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, and here we are. The final products using their inspired papers. I would place some more photos in this blog posting, but what can I say, I'm not going to.
I wish I could provide some very exciting excuse such as I'm just about to catch a flight to - insert exotic location - but the truth of the matter is that I have a crying 4.5 month old (on my lap - typing with one hand - such fun), have been spit up on three times in the last hour, and I have 6 shipments to get out the door very soon. (How I'm going to carry them and Gabe into the post office , not so sure yet. Hubby - please arrive home early tonight.) The only thing getting me through this day is the Christmas music playing in the background - yes, I said Christmas music. (What - is it too early?) So, to view all of my exciting carnival creations just click here. Hope this will do.
If not, visit AndersRuff's blog as they obviously have it much more together and have tons of photos posted. While you are there, register to win over $114 of my products.
I promise, if you are the lucky winner, or if you are one of the unlucky folks who actually has to purchase one of my products (wait that sounds terrible), not a one of them will have spit up on them. We try to keep that contained to mommy's clothes. :)
On a side note: visit their etsy shop to purchase the invite.
It's a print yourself invite so super affordable. They also have lots of other printable items.
Perfect for everyone on a budget - and who isn't these days? I even offer diy kits for my products.
Well, I'm off. My xmas music has just shut off. My sign that it's time to be moving right along.
Have a fantabulous weekend!


laura mcpherson said...

Congrats on this awesome collaboration!! I know how exciting it can be to click with someone else in the design business! I love the look of this. Can't wait to check out their blog and Etsy site!

On a side note:
*No, us Etsians/designers/photographers/creative people NEVER sleep. We just go 90 miles and hour, non-stop =)
*Good luck with the post office. One of my MAJOR pet-peeves while Barret was little (not walking yet), was the post office doors that you must PULL to open! I know it's "code"... but it'd be so much easier to PUSH open (when we have a huge heavy box, and baby on hip). Not to mention the purse and other junk we carry! Okay, I'm done with my rant!

Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

Thank you SO much for sponsoring the giveaway on our blog. We are so excited. Your work is fabulous!!!
Maureen and Adria