Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Knot" much going on ...

With not much going on in my life lately (besides work), I feel as if I haven't blogged about anything non-work related in some time. (About the only highlight in a long time was a camp out and camp fire in my sister's backyard this past weekend. We had a great time and so did my niece and nephews. They even slept through the entire night - in the tent. Amazing as it got quite cold and damp. Although my littlest nephew, who is 2, kept on pointing to and saying "house?" when it came time for bed - as if to say, why are we sleeping outside when we have a perfectly good house right over there?! Too cute.)

Anyhoo, with not much happening, now is the perfect time to highlight the photos from the recent "the knot" wedding network which took place in Philadelphia in early September. I was asked by Kendall with Eclatante Design to provide pinwheel party favors. The event was "green themed" and thus the color green was utilized in the pinwheel design. This custom design was also printed on recycled paper and our pinwheels sticks are already eco-friendly as they are made to deteriorate very quickly and are 100% biodegradable - unlike wooden dowel rods.

These handheld pinwheels were placed into wheat grass trays at the registration area. The knot logo was utilized on both the inside and outside of the pinwheels along with butterflies. I think they turned out pretty darn cute. For more photos (provided by Mike Kehr photography) see below. Although I wasn't able to attend this event in person, I vicariously attended this event through photos. It was certainly a "WOW" filled event. I've heard that photos will soon be posted on the knot website and there will also be a feature on this event in the next knot magazine - due out at news stands in early December. :)

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