Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where I Live ...

Okay, I don't really live in this room, but sometimes it feels like I spend the majority of my at-home-time in this office. This little ol' room is where I run the majority of the pinwhirls/crossroads cottage business including responding to messages, web updates, printing papers, etc. (And yes, it's decorated for Xmas in these photos - since I spend so much time in here I thought it needed some Christmas spirit too!)
This room used to look quite different (to see a couple of photos click here) until I decided mid-summer that the old set-up just wasn't working. So, I invested in ...

some more furniture with lots of storage. The piece pictured in the above and below photos is actually intended for use as a media center - i.e. there is supposed to be a fancy flat screen television in the center. But, it houses my two printers perfectly.
In addition to lots of cubbies that house baskets to store bags, shipping supplies, inks, etc. it also has the perfect amount of closed door space to hide away my stores of papers, pinwheel handles, etc. etc. You know all of that stuff that one just needs to run a business, but is just horribly ugly to have out and in the open.

The room is now quite cramped and not as elegantly cozy as it used to be, but it is so much better organized and a much better work set-up for me and the business.

I also purchased the above table to house our scanner, cutting machine (that it about to be replaced with a much better alternative), and scale for weighing all of my shipments.

And here is the desk. Still kind of messy - sadly it's the cleanest it's been in months. This is where I spend the majority of my time - right in front of this computer. Even though I invested in a laptop last year (and Roger purchased this new PC), the machines have actually reversed. I spend 99% of my time on his computer and he spends 99% of his time on my laptop. Funny how that works.
I just realized that I forgot to take photos of the office closet although you probably aren't missing out on much. It contains two filing cabinets to file all of my orders and business paperwork and way too many plastic tubs to house all of the pre-assembled pinwheels we have in stock. It's a tight space. Almost like a puzzle trying to get everything back in it's correct spot after an order is placed.
This room is still a bit tiny for assembling the pinwheels so most of the assembly work is done in our sun room. Maybe one day, I'll have my own large studio, but for now the above works just fine and dandy. :)
Hope you enjoyed the tour...

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