Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Plan a Classroom Valentine’s Day Party

Classroom Valentine’s Day parties are so much fun, but it’s already February and you don’t have much time left to plan! We're here to help with fun tips for your child’s classroom party. We've got ideas ideas for everything from decorations to games and super sweet treats.

To pull off a great classroom party, make sure you have these 5 things covered:

Valentine’s Day Party Favors

There’s no such thing as a party without favors. At Pinwhirls, we’ve got you covered with pinwheels that are colorful and fun! Swirling, twirling hearts and spinning stripes can be used to decorate goodie bags or as Valentine’s Day cupcake toppers. Children love to make them spin. For older children, try our do it yourself pinwhirl kits.

Games & Crafts

The game or craft you choose will depend a lot on how much time you have, but you simply must have a fun activity planned for the kids! Some of our favorite crafts include making personalized Valentines to give to mom and dad, making woven paper hearts, and stamping fingerprint hearts.

If you need a simple but fun game for the whole class, how about a Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt? Send the kids searching for cupid, St. Valentine, red hearts, pink bows, flowers, stickers, markers, pencil toppers, and whatever else you can think of. Other activity ideas we like include making your own Valentine’s Day word searches and trivia games. Don’t forget the prizes!

Valentine’s Day Cards

The great thing about kids’ parties is that Valentine’s Day is pure fun. There’s no pressure. Everyone gives cards and everyone gets cards. You can make the cards with your child ahead of time using beautiful craft papers or buy a boxed set.

Pinwhirls make great Valentine Mailbox Decorations
Valentine Mailboxes

Creating customized mailboxes for all of those classroom Valentine’s is a lot of fun. Using markers, craft paper, glue, stickers, glitter, and more you can let the kids go crazy decorating shoe boxes, tissue boxes, instant oat canisters and more.

Sweet Treats

No party is complete without some yummy treats to share. Store bought treats like conversation heart candies and chocolate hugs and kisses are sure to please, but you can also try cupcakes and cookies. For an extra special party, prepare cupcakes and cookies ahead of time and let the kids decorate their sweets with frosting and candies.

Once you’ve got these five Valentine’s Day party ideas covered, you’re all set! May your Valentine’s Day be lovely and sweet!

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