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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings are fun, memorable, and come with a built-in honeymoon. But they require a little extra planning, especially if you want the wedding to be accessible to family members and other guests. Here are some tips to planning the perfect destination wedding:

Plan Ahead 

Make sure you send out save the date cards well in advance of the wedding. Your guests will need time to make arrangements for a wedding that is held outside of the U.S. In some cases, your guests may need time to get passports, schedule vacation time from work, and buy airfare and lodging. Most importantly, give advanced notice of your big day gives you and your guests the opportunity to budget for trip.

Look for Discounts

This goes back to planning ahead. In order to get the best rates on accommodations and services, you need to allow yourself enough time to shop around. Search for discounts, and get the skinny of wedding packages. Some resorts offer weddings free of charge as long as you book your honeymoon for a minimum number of nights.

Consider a Wedding Planner

Destination wedding planners specialize in planning weddings where legalities, communications, and cultural issues might present a problem. They take care of the details, and the extra money you spend on the wedding planner could save you thousands in headaches. Look for a wedding planner that is an expert in your preferred wedding location.

Chill Out

The whole point of a destination wedding is to enjoy the exotic beauty of foreign place. Don't let your desire to control the event rob you of the joy of your event. As others have pointed out before, many destination weddings run on "island time," and you have to be ready to go with the flow.

Did you have a destination wedding? Where did you go and would you recommend it to others?

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