Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pretty Penned Pinwheels

I just can't hold in my excitement over the photos featured in this blog. (Believe it or not, I just received them literally minutes ago and here I am already blogging about them!) I recently connected with Lisa from Pen & Ink Calligraphy through Etsy. She was looking for clever ways to feature her beautiful calligraphy on her website and I've been looking for a recommended calligrapher so the match was perfect.

I recently sent her some samples of my pinwheel work so she could use them as a photo op for her site. Her site is really beautiful so I knew that she'd do a terrific job, but I'll have to admit that I was blown away by the final photos she sent my way. Amazing!!! Yes, I almost cried (and I'm not even hormonal this week)! Taking photos of my products has never been something I've excelled at - I'm usually rushing around at the last minute so the results are always a bit off par, and sometimes just plain terrible. In most instances, I don't think they do my products justice. But these photos - wow! They really make me want to buy these pretty pinwheels, especially seeing them with the hand calligraphied cards. What I've always imagined in my head is now a complete package and I have Lisa to thank for making my vision a reality for everyone else to see.

I love how she inked the seating card attachments in the perfect pink from the pinwheel.
And what beautiful lettering - this is her Laura style.

And I adore how she hung her calligraphied seating cards from these clothespin pinwheels. I can just picture these pinwheels hanging from a clothesline at an outdoor garden wedding. (Makes me want to get married all over again just so I can have my guests exclaming over these cards.)

Many of the brides who've purchased these seating card pinwheels in the past have placed my cupcake topper sized pinwheels in wheat grass on their seating card tables, but Lisa came up with her own creative idea. How cute do these pinwheels look placed into mini tin watering cans?! Once again these would look too cute at an eclectic bride's wedding.
Not only does Lisa do a wonderful job, she is even more wonderful to work with. Please hop on over to her site and blog for more wonderful sites and even more calligraphy lettering styles. And for those brides who are looking to utilize some of the ideas above, I will work with you on creating your own custom pinwheels and I'll even send the seating cards along to Lisa for you so she can do her magic.
After seeing these photos, it really makes me want to do a major overhaul on my present website. If only I had about 10 more hours in the day. :-)

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