Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whimsical Flowers

Now how cute is the above? Tracy Park from Affordable Elegance, a Michigan Floral Designer, recently utilized my pinwheels in some of her floral designs. (She is great to work with as she literally likes to work outside the box - and even with a box sometimes!) She attached some of my mini pinwheels to her floral blume boxes and what a great accent they made. I think these boxes are too darn cute to begin with but the pinwheels made these boxes even more fun and festive and turned out to be unexpected accents to her already beauty-ess arrangement. I'll have to certainly keep this idea in mind for future uses. :)

And Tracy even stuck one of my handheld pinwheels into the actual arrangement itself - just look at the cute little thing peaking out of the top! Didn't she do a great job of matching the florals to the pinwheels colors?

Above is another of her arrangements. This time she integrated both the mini and handheld pinwheels. Once again - adorable.

Now I do realize that pinwheels shouldn't be utilized in all flower arrangements but I'm thinking that they would be perfect for any whimsical event or party - especially spring or summer outdoor arrangements. I'd also love to see a bride utilize them in her floral bouquet someday. (One can dream, can't they?)

I also can't wait to work with Tracy on future projects - including an upcoming wedding where she is putting together a candy buffet (we both agree that pinwheels and candy buffets go together nicely!) and future floral shows.
For those of you interested in viewing some very cool bouquets, please pop by her blog. And if you are in the Battle Creek Michigan area (sadly I'm not) she is now booking her 2009 events!

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