Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Tablescape

So, my Easter tablescape is complete. Yay! To view photos, etc. click here. To be totally honest I had no idea what I was going to do with the wheatgrass as it's height peaked a bit before I was ready. I spent most of the weekend printing papers and assembling the pinwheels. Spent most of Sunday creating the tablescape and taking pictures of the pinwheels - both as part of the tablescape and also separately for use in selling the pinwheels. Then spent the past two evenings importing these items into Etsy. Now, I'm finally finding time to post the pictures.
Funny story about the tablescape, I created it while Roger was working outside in the yard. By the time he came back inside for a break, I'd taken all of the photos and disassembled the tablescape. I guess I should have had him come look, but I was so rushed it didn't even occur to me. Just knew that I wouldn't have time to deal with rotting wheat grass this week so I trashed it at the height of it's prettiness. Kind of sad, I know. Although, I just volunteered to host Easter this year so I really wish that wheat grass would last weeks instead of days. As I'm a gluten for punishment, it looks like I'll be growing another round of wheat grass for my actual Easter centerpieces. :)

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