Friday, October 23, 2009

Do-It-Yourselfer Creations - Carnival Themed Party

There is only one thing I like more than creating my own pinwheels and that is seeing photos of how others, who've purchased my DIY Pinwheel Assembly Guide and DIY Products, have used these items to make pinwheels for their very own parties.

While browsing the web recently I ran across a blog that featured the most fun and festive Carnival Themed Party utilizing pinwheels (my favorite just in case you didn't know)! As it turns out, the pinwheels were assembled by one of my former Australian clients, Prue of GiGi & LuLu. I couldn't wait to contact her and was thrilled when she graciously agreed to allow me to highlight her party on my blog and was even more overjoyed when she forwarded these photos. (I have the best customers!)

Aren't they gorgeous? And in this photo I'm actually talking about the cupcakes and not the pinwheels. You don't see cupcakes like these in the US - or at least not in Indianapolis. They just look so gourmet. :) My almost 17 week pregnant stomach, which craves everything food related these days, now wants one of these so badly. (At only 9:40 am, is is too early for dessert?)

Okay, mind off food, not only do I love the fun and festive papers she's used to create her pinwheel creations, I love every single little detail about her daughter's third birthday party. It's carnival themed perfection.

To view additional details of this party, just visit Pru's blog post here. Also be sure to stop by her blog and leave a comment for sharing her party details. I'm sure others in blog land will be borrowing her ideas for years to come. (I know I will when I throw a little party for my little bean, or beanette, in the future!)
Thanks Prue! Thanks as well for all of the Australian customers you've sent my way.
Much appreciation ....

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