Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spin in for Some Fun!

You're Invited to spin in for some fun as our little Gabriel turns one!
To celebrate my little Gabers TURNING the big ONE we threw him a precious pinwheel themed party.

I can't believe that my little baby, pictured above, is already TURNING one. The first year really WHIRLED by!

In the above photo he is patiently awaiting for his party guests to arrive - poor guy was trapped in his chair while mommy and daddy ran around finishing all of the details.

Pinwheel themed Save the Dates, Invites, and Thank You cards were designed to coordinate with the pinwheel theme.

Guests were greeted by whirling yardwhirls lining the sidewalk and a pinwheel wreath on the door. Personalized pinwheels included the phrase 'Gabriel is turning one!' on the quadrants.

Traditional and double peony pinwheels in the party colors of green, light blue, turquoise, grey, and chocolate brown were scattered around to make our home more festive.
Custom pinwheels were also stuck into white tin buckets filled with freshly grown wheat grass.
Several memo boards were scattered around the dining area featuring our favorite photos of Gabe throughout his first year. Party pennants were strung to add to the atmosphere.
The above memo board features 11 photos of Gabe - each one taken on the third of each month at exactly 12:08 pm (his official birth date). All photos were taken in the same rocker in his nursery and were posed with Mr. Bear. As Gabe grew bigger throughout the year the bear magically grew smaller. (I borrowed this idea from Laura.)
Food items included easy to eat items including pinwheel sandwiches and twirly antipasto pasta salad.
All 20 guests were offered fun party hats from our Pennant and Party Hat Tower. Guests drank their lime-aid (with blueberries for a blue touch) from green and white striped paper straws. The custom flags helped everyone keep track of their drinks throughout the afternoon.
Instead of cake, key lime cupcakes with key lime cream cheese icing were served. And yes, the personalized pinwheel cupcake toppers actually whirl!
As you can tell, Gabe enjoyed his yummy cupcake!

And best of all - he had a great time with all of his Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins.
After the party, it occurred to me that my little guy is really not that little anymore and I started to think back on all of our great memories from the past year. Thinking back on all of his firsts brought a few tears to my eyes. I know that there are many more great moments ahead, but the past year has also been very bittersweet. I love you my funny little honey bun!
For more photos and larger view of any of the above click here.
Pinwheels, Party Hats, Pennants, Banners, and Invites - Pinwhirls
Striped Straws and Pennants - Pebbles in My Pocket
Tie and Suspender Onesie - BK Chic Boutique
Wheat Grass - Genesis Wheatgrass

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Dulce Sobremesa said...

So cute!!! I love the color palette and the patterns! Congratulations!