Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Reception Tips

There is so much to do when it comes to planning a wedding! It's usually best to break tasks down into smaller pieces so that you can manage them more easily. Today, we're going to talk about the reception and what you can do to make your recpetion fun, beautiful, and entertaining.

Picking a Reception Venue

  • Start with phone calls. Call around to find places that have availablity on the date you need, can accommodate your guest list, fits your budget, and has the ammenities you need (heat or air conditioning, dance floor, etc.)

  • Once you have narrowed down your selections you absolutely must visit the venue to make sure it's a good fit before you put any money down. You might discover that it won't work with your decor or that there are other dealbreakers that make it unsuitable.

  • Remember to ask about food, entertainment, parking, and restrictions. Some places don't allow outside catering, some don't allow guests to smoke, and some don't allow alcohol. You need to get the details to know if the venue will work for you and your guests.
Reception Seating Tips

  • Unless you want problems at your reception, don't put bitter enemies together at the same table. That's just asking for trouble.

  • Try to keep people with similar interests together. Seat people with at least one other person they know, put teens together, cousins together, etc.

  • Don't stress too much about who sits at the head table. It's your wedding so it's your call. You can seat only the bride and groom together at the head table and let the rest of the wedding party sit at tables with family and friends or you can put the whole wedding party together at one table. Seat special family members or guests at the table with you if you want. It's your wedding and you should be able to enjoy it.

  • Searching endlessly for tables can be awkward and unpleasant for guests and put a hitch in your party plans. Use table numbers and mark them plainly so guests can easily find their seats.

  • If you feel parents, grandparents, or other special or honored guests need reserved seats, make sure you mark them plainly so that other guests know not to take those seats.

  • Make your table settings special with unique wedding reception place cards and custom wedding favors.

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