Monday, May 30, 2011

5 Steps for an Even Better Birthday

You might think there is no better way to throw a birthday party than to have good friends, great cake, and fun games, but we've got some ideas to help you make that special day even better — whether you're celebrating the birthday of your child, sibling, parent, best friend, spouse, or anyone!

Step One: Use Hats

Cone-shaped birthday hats just don't get enough love these days. They are so fun, no matter what your age, and they also double as the perfect cup for those extra tasty birthday sweets. Find birthday hats to fit your guest of honor's personal tastes or the party theme.

Step Two: Have Cake for Breakfast

Nothing tastes quite like birthday cake, so why not have it for breakfast? It only comes around once a year, after all. Serve it in bed with a glass of milk.

Step Three: Collect Special Birthday Notes From Family and Friends

Nothing brightens a person's day like a special note from family and friends, especially those who can't be with the birthday boy or girl on the special day. Save up notes and cards and present them in a special album or scrapbook.

Step Four: Make it a Week-Long Celebration

It might get expensive to give a gift every day, but there are other small things you can do to make sure the celebration lasts all week long. Give your child a week off from chores or start each day of your mom's birthday week with fresh floral bouquets.

Step Five: Make it a Surprise

The traditional surprise party is the obvious way to go, but there are other ways you can fill the day with special surprises that the guest of honor would never expect. Show off your new found cooking or baking skills or coordinate a surprise visit from family or friends that live out of town.

Don't forget to share your special birthday ideas with us in the comments!

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