Monday, June 13, 2011

6 DIY Tips for Planning Weddings on a Budget

Do-it-yourself – or DIY – options can be a great way to optimize your wedding planning budget. If you want to have the perfect wedding with money to spare for the honeymoon, we've got some tips for you!

Most brides don't have unlimited wedding funds, and they have to plan their ceremony, reception, and honeymoon on a strict budget. And sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect medium where your dreams and your limited financial resources aren't constantly at odds with each other.

Many brides learn how to steal a little from one line in their budget in order to splurge a little in another and you can put this practice to use too. For instance, when you find the perfect dress but it's $250 over your dress budget, you might find that you can make up the difference by saving money on things like flowers or makeup.

6 DIY Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Wedding Flowers – Silk flowers can be arranged by a novice because they hold up to the trimming, placing, and arranging it takes to get a bouquet just right. Plus they are cheaper than fresh flowers and can even be sold or donated when you're finished with them. Look for pictures of arrangements you like, and duplicate your favorite styles. However, give yourself plenty of time to work on your arrangements so that your finished product is something you truly love.

Wedding Favors – Look for items to enhance your guest tables that you can craft on your own to save money. We don't mean to brag, but we think our DIY Pinwhirl kits aren't just classy and fun, they are an affordable way to create beautiful favors for your wedding!

Wedding Invitations – You don't have to go through an overpriced printer to have customized invitations. With specialty paper and a home printer you can create your own wedding invitations or save the date cards.

Cupcakes – If you're a bride who likes less conventional wedding desserts, you can try making and decorating your own cupcakes. The cakes freeze well so you can plan ahead, and icing them is much easier than decorating the traditional tiered wedding cake. After some practice, you can decorate like a pro. (Check out some great cupcake recipes and toppers.)

Wedding Makeup – We know not every bride wants to do her own makeup. However, if you're willing to skip on some extra pampering, you can save money by foregoing the cost of a professional makeup artist. Get a free makeover at a cosmetic retailer, buy the necessary items in your colors, and apply it yourself or ask a friend or family member to help you with the application if you're too jittery with nervous energy.

Photomontage – Compile your own photomontage rather than hiring your photographer or videographer to handle the job. With today's technology it's easy to put together a slide show or video on your home PC.

What DIY wedding planning ideas can you think of to help brides save big on their special day?

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