Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After-Party Cleanup: Tips & Tricks

Last week we offered you tips for cleaning up the house before the big party. This week, we're sharing tips to help you clean up after the big party. Depending on the type of party you're hosting, this could be a really daunting task. So don't dive in without a plan of attack.

Here are some recommendations to help keep the mess from becoming too overwhelming:

  • Buy cleanup supplies when you purchase your decorations: Parties need trash bags, cleaning wipes and spot removers just as much as they need invitations, favors, and cupcakes! Put must-have cleaning items on your list.

  • Make it easy for guests to pick up after themselves: Put trash receptacles in several locations so that your guests can simply toss their used plates, napkins, and cups when they're done. This will save you lots of time when the party is over. Likewise, make cleaning wipes and paper towels available so that guests can wipe up any spills.

  • After the guest leave, make a quick run-through with a garbage bag: Leaving garbage bins out during the party will help, but you'll probably still find stray cups and plates scattered here and there. Start the cleaning process by removing any trash.

  • Assess your home, and look for things that need special attention: While you collecting the trash, did you notice any spots or stains that need special attention? Get to those right away. The longer you let them sit, the harder it will be to remove the stains.

  • Follow-up with routine cleaning: Chances are that after the party you will need to do some light vacuuming and dusting. You will probably have dishes to do as well. These things can be done quickly once you've taken the other steps in order.
With a little planning and forethought, you can make cleaning up after your guests easier. Happy cleaning!

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