Monday, September 5, 2011

Pre-Party Cleanup: Tips & Tricks

Everyone knows that there's a lot that goes into hosting a great party: invitations, menu planning, cooking, decorating, and more. But before the party starts, most hosts and hostesses find themselves stressing over the state of their house.

Clean homes are welcoming, so it's a good idea to get things in order before the big event. However, cleaning up for guests shouldn't throw you into a complete tailspin. Here are a few simple tips for pre-party cleanup when you're hosting at home.

Pre-Party Cleanup Tips & Tricks
  1. Strategize: Before you dive in and start remodeling the nursery, sit down and make a list of the rooms that will be used and seen by your guests. Put those at the top of your list and work in order. If you don't get to the rooms at the end of your list, it's probably not going to mean the end of the world.

  2. Knock out the big stuff first: Remove clutter and big-ticket eye sores that hinder the flow of your home before you dust or vacuum. People will notice clutter immediately, without even looking for it. However, your party guests aren't likely to notice that you didn't scrub the grout in your kitchen with an old toothbrush before they arrived.

  3. Get help: Pre-party cleanup can actually be a pretty huge undertaking, especially if you share space with roommates or family. Get others to pitch in and help and the job will go a lot faster. After all, if you're not the only one making the mess, you shouldn't be the only one cleaning it up!

  4. Prepare in advance for mishaps: Get the SpotBot and the paper towels ready ahead of time, maybe during your decorating phase. Spills are almost inevitable, especially at parties where children are present. If you have the cleanup tools stashed in a convenient place, you have a better chance of lifting the stain before it sets--and you won't have to go digging for the carpet cleaner.
By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can whip your house into shape before your guests arrive. You'll also have more time for the fun stuff, like decorating, cooking, and visiting with your guests.

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