Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Preparing for a classroom Halloween party or a fun Halloween party at home? Then you're going to need some fun games to keep the little ghouls and goblins entertained. Pick your favorites or play them all.

Top Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween-themed Scavenger Hunt: Give the children clues that lead them to special Halloween tricks and treats. Children can play alone, in pairs, or in teams, depending on the number of guests at the party.

TP Mummy Wrap: Divide the children into teams, and have them select the member who will be the "mummy." The remaining teammates each take a toilet paper roll and go to work covering their "mummy" from head to toe. The first team to complete cover their teammate in TP wins.

Costume Contest: Let the guests vote for their favorite costumes or have a distinguished panel of judges pick the best costumes from a number of categories like best cartoon character, best superhero, best homemade costume, or whatever you can come up with.

Hot Pumpkin: You play this game just like hot potato, except you use mini decorative pumpkins or gourds instead of a potato.

Candy Counting: Count out and fill a large jar with your favorite Halloween candy like M&Ms or candy corn. When the guests arrive have them write down how many pieces of candy are in the jar. The child that comes closest without going over gets to take the jar full of candy home to share.

Halloween Bingo: You can print Bingo cards for free online or you can draw or print your own Bingo card creations.

What Are Your Favorite Halloween Games?

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Tom Dwan said...

Bingo is my favorite halloween game and i've found this halloween bingo cards page to be awesome! care to look and share thoughts?