Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Wedding Tips & Ideas

Valentine's Day is popular day to get married. And why not? A day already filled with love and romance is the perfect time to start the rest of your lives together. If you're looking for ways to plan a Valentine's Day wedding while keeping the event fun and fresh and not too cliche, we've got some great wedding planning tips for you!

Use Red or Pink as an Accent Color

Instead of using red and pink together as your main color, try black and white with small accents of either red or pink for your attire and wedding decor. Overdoing it on the red and pink can look kitschy and old fashioned. If you're look for a modern classic, try grey, white and burgundy or grey, white, and petal pink.

Use Floral Centerpieces

Valentine's Day and flowers go hand-in-hand. For your centerpieces, try a floral arrangement or even a single flower in a crystal vase. Roses are classic, but stargazer lilies and daisies are also great choices. It al depends on the mood you want to set for your reception.

Avoid Using Too Many Hearts

Yes, it's a Valentine's Day wedding, but that doesn't mean you have to bombard your guests with hearts galore. For something more subtle try heart necklaces for the bridesmaids, wedding favors (like our Pinwhirls made with Heart Day Papers) with a heart-shaped pattern, or a single heart on the place cards. Just avoid the temptation to put them everywhere.

Use Valentines for Invitations or Place Cards

We love the idea of invitations and place cards that look like retro Valentine's Day cards. Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to choose something lacy and Victorian. Or if your style is more casual and fun, bring back your Valentine's Day cards from when you were a kid with well-known characters and gobs of bright colors.

Give Away Sweet Wedding Favors

Homemade conversations hearts, Godiva chocolates, sachets of personalized M&Ms. There are lots of different ways to sweeten up your guests' wedding favors.

Did you have a Valentine's Day wedding? How did you incorporate the holiday into your special event?

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