Tuesday, February 28, 2012

13 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

We get it. Sometimes buying a place setting of China doesn't quite send the right message to the bride and groom. Looking for more personal, unique wedding gift ideas for couples? Look no further!

These gift ideas can be as extravagant or as budget-friendly as you wish. But no matter what, they are sure to be remembered by the wedding couple!
  1. Personalized Wall Art: From contemporary art prints to word decals, you can find something to fit any and every style. Of course, we recommended browsing independent Etsy artisans for a truly special touch.
  2. Personalized Games: If the bride and groom like family night board games or entertaining, consider these cool personalized board games from companies like 521 Promo or Lovopoly
  3. Photo Collage: This is a great gift, particularly if you have known the bride and groom for years. Buy or make your own collage frame and display photos you've collected. Photos can be from childhood to present or just photos of the couple since they've known each other. Bonus points if you incorporate fun captions or write dates and occasions on the back of each picture.
  4. Personalized Signs: Will the couple be moving into a new home after the honeymoon? Decorative signs with the street number and the couple's last name are perfect for the front porch or the entryway. 
  5. State & City Crafts: This idea is inspired by Pinterest and Our Mini Family. These crafts are cute without being over-the-top kitschy. Make one for the city and state where the couple will reside.
  6. Source: yfrog.com via Holly on Pinterest
  7. Weekend Getaways: Do you remember what it was like just starting out? Sometimes it's hard to fit a weekend getaway into the budget in your first year of marriage. A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or a weekend at the amusement park could be just the thing the b
    ride and groom need! Look for fun packages that the couple could escape to in just a couple of hours.
  8. Wine or Coffee Subscriptions: So  maybe enrolling the couple in a cheese of the month club isn't the best gift ever, but what about wine or coffee clubs? We think these would make great gifts for couple who consider themselves connoisseurs of some of life's finer pleasures.
  9. Stationery & Labels: If your budget is tight, personalized stationery and address labels make a thoughtful and useful custom gift.
  10. Couples Letter Book: You can't go wrong with an heirloom book. We love how these gifts take scrapbooks to a whole new level. We love the Treasured Pages book for couples.
  11. Pre-Paid Dates: Encourage the bride and groom to make time for themselves with pre-paid dates. Stuff envelopes with date ideas and admission to some of their favorite places and events. Your package could include things like theater tickets, restaurant gift certificates, miniature golf passes or admission for two to the art museum.  
  12. Massage Packages: Who doesn't enjoy escaping from the pressures of the everyday sometimes? Massage packages and spa retreats are loved by one and all.
  13. Movie Rental Subscription & Popcorn: If the wedding couple likes quiet evenings at home, you could opt for a subscription to a service like Blockbuster or Netflix. Toss in some microwave popcorn and Junior Mints and you've got date night at home for great quality time together.
  14. Moving & Cleaning Services: While the couple's away on their honeymoon surprise them by helping the move, unpack or clean so that they come back to reality without a thousand chores nagging them. (We suggest getting approval for this wedding gift, however. Don't want your helpfulness to backfire!) 

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