Saturday, June 30, 2012

Office Party Planning Tips

We spend a lot of time at work and, consequently, we spend a lot of time with our coworkers. Lots of businesses like to offer their employees a chance to relax and shoot the breeze from time to time while also celebrating employees' accomplishments and other milestones. To this end, small businesses and corporations everywhere instituted the Party Planning Committee.

But what if you're new to party planning, or you've been doing it for a while and need some inspiration to shake up the workplace a little? Well, we've got a few tips to help you plan an office party that's a hit--whether it's for a promotion, a birthday, a holiday celebration or whatever!

Name the Big Event

Every party deserves a great name. It's a way to add a touch of humor or personality to the event, which will in turn generate more positive reactions and higher attendance. For example, instead of inviting employees to the "Don's Plumbing Christmas Party," send out invitations to the "Don's Plumbing Holiday Disco Extravaganza." Well, a disco might not be a draw for your event, but you get what we're driving at.

Pick the Right Date

If you're hosting a small office party during business hours, we recommend setting the date for a Friday afternoon. Fridays are just more festive, but they're also a little slower work-wise in a lot of companies. If you're planning an off-site event, you won't have much choice but to choose an evening or weekend. Do your employees a favor and host a party on a Friday or Saturday night if you're planning to serve any adult beverages.

Serve a Variety of Finger Foods

In most cases, the less stuffy the event, the more employees will enjoy it. Instead of a sit-down menu, go for a variety of appetizers and finger foods that guests can munch on as they mingle. The less structured the event, the better the party atmosphere. (Note: Your best bet is to offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to make sure there's a little something for everyone.)

Remember that office parties don't have to be a drag. Make sure everyone is included, and ask for suggestions if your party planning committee needs ideas that will be fun for the entire company.

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Roslyn Housel said...

I definitely agree! Giving your party a name would make it more exciting for the attendees. Also, this is an opportunity to showcase your creativity! But be sure that the name goes along with the overall theme of the party.

(Roslyn Housel)