Monday, June 25, 2012

Slumber Party Tips

So your daughter wants to have a slumber party for her next birthday. Now what?

If you're going to host a slumber party, you might be a little anxious--but never fear! There are a few things that will help you get through the night unscathed. Here's what to do:

Set a Guest Limit and Stick to It

Your best bet is to keep the guest list to eight or fewer. You might need to whittle the list down to six or less if space is limited in your home. Remember: all those sleeping bags are going to have to fit somewhere! Send out your invitations and include a contact information sheet with your RSVP. Everyone will feel better knowing that parents can be easily reached -- just in case.

Set Arrival and Departure Times

Make it clear when the party starts and ends, and ask parents to bring the children after they've had an evening meal. You'll likely be serving cake or other treats, but preparing dinner for an army of your child's friends might be a little too much to ask--especially with all the party decorating and planning you'll have to do. Keep breakfast the next morning simple with individual serving cereal boxes, fruits, and a choice of water, juice or milk. It's a good idea to ask parents to pick their children up by noon.

Schedule Activities

Whether you play birthday games, outdoor games, or do movies and popcorn, it's a good idea to give structure to the evening for the kids. Let them know what they can expect, and you'll help calm any worries or anxiety that first-time sleepover guests will have about being away from home overnight.

Set a Bed Time

A half-hour before it's time for bed, dim the lights and start a quiet time for the partygoers to wind down. Some of the children will probably be a little chatty, even after lights out, but you shouldn't have any reason to stress about it. It is a party after all.

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