Saturday, September 8, 2012

Planning a Family Reunion

We don't always think of family reunions as parties, but that's exactly what they can be if you plan them right. Here are a few tips to make your next reunion more festive and less stressful.

Pick a Theme
Instead of the same old family reunion year after year, give the event a theme. Luaus, costume parties, and pool parties are lots of fun. If your reunion is an annual event, make it a challenge to see how long you can go without repeating a theme.

Assign Committees
You can split up responsibilities by age groups or by families to make sure everyone has something fun to do. For example, you could put grandchildren in charge of picking out games and activities, aunts can be in charge of menu planning, uncles can be in charge of setup and grandparents can choose the venue and organize booking the shelter house, pool, cabin, or hall.

Send Reminders
Send out traditional invitations or e-vites so people can put the reunion on their calendars. If your family is spread out over several states, planning ahead is essential. Include all the important information including where and when the reunion will be held. If you're divvying up jobs, put a reminder on the cards so people know which aspects of planning they are responsible for.

Remember the Photos
Don't forget the cameras! You might want to plan ahead to have a professional photographer take a large group photo as well as take family and individual portraits. When you do this, sitting fees can be divided up among all the families. If having a professional photographer isn't feasible, be sure you pack your own digital camera.

What tips do you have for planning a fun family reunion?

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