Thursday, August 21, 2008

Logo Schmogo

So, I decided it was time for a change - a logo change. At least a change of the logo I use for all of my pinwheel products. You like? I would take the credit for this, but it's about 90% Roger - at least the idea of featuring the pinwheel on the 'd'. Now that I think about it he actually did all of the photoshop work as well as I work at a snails pace when it comes to that program - just haven't had time to teach myself yet. The rest of the design work we brainstormed on together. I'm liking it - a lot. It's kind of clean and fun at the same time which was what I was looking for. Can't wait to print it onto my product labels, etc. Still debating on how I'm going to integrate it into my current website without some major re-design effort that I really don't have the time for now. But we shall see - stay tuned in the future - the very far future. :-)

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