Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Meanings

One of the most important elements of planning a wedding or party is choosing the perfect colors for flowers, balloons, Pinwhirls, and other decorations. Beyond just selecting your favorites, you might want to choose hues that are symbolic or carry special meaning for you. Below you'll find a list of some popular colors along with their meanings and popular uses.


Blue is common among religious practices and is symbolic of loyalty, peace, and calm. It is also worn often in the workplace and can symbolize intelligence, togetherness, and stability. Blue is considered a year-round color so it's extremely versatile.

Other blue-related hues: Azure, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, beryl, cerulean, cyan, and indigo.


Green is most frequently associated with nature and life or growth. Green can also be a calming color, but it is sometimes negatively associated with envy. Stronger associations include ties with the environment, the season of spring, and vitality.

Other green-related hues: Sage, olive, pine, sea green, emerald green, mint, and kelly green.


The color red is like a two-edged sword. It is commonly associated with love and passion, but it is also representative of conflict and war. Red is a stimulating color the often elicits and emotional response. In some cultures across the globe it is symbolic of joy, purity and celebration.

Other red-related hues: Crimson, rouge, ruby, maroon, China red, carmine, and burgundy.


Purple traditionally associated with royalty, nobility, and spirituality. It is also represented in nature in the form of violets, lilacs, and lavender. It is known for sparking the imagination. Darker shades are representative of wealth and extravagance, while lighter shades suggest romance.

Other purple-related hues: Eggplant, lavender, indigo, mauve, amethyst, and wine.

Different color combinations can be used to spark multiple meanings. Combining greens and blues, for example, can give your event a feeling of calm and growth. Using reds and purples can spark emotions of passion, love, and royalty.

By learning color meanings, you can plan a wedding, shower, or birthday party that inspires guests to see the world as you do.

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