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Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

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Sweet Sixteen parties are firmly rooted in traditions that date to as far back as 1765! If you're looking for Sweet Sixteen party ideas, we think these traditional activities are a good place to start. From there you can put your own finishing touches on the event and make sure the birthday girl's personality shines through.

The Shoe Ceremony

It's like Cindererlla's glass slipper, but not quite. At the Sweet Sixteen shoe ceremony, the birthday girl changes into her first pair of high heels. The pair of heels can be brought to her ceremoniously on a beautifully decorated pillow and placed on her feet by her dad, step-dad, godfather, or other important person. The shoe ceremony is symbolic of the birthday girl's transition into womanhood.

The Crowning Ceremony

If high heels aren't the birthday girl's thing, she may opt for a tiara crowning ceremony instead. Or, if she prefers, the two ceremonies can be combined.

The Father-Daughter Dance

This is also popular at weddings. Pick a special song as the first dance before everyone else takes the floor. It can be just a slow dance to a sentimental song like Paul Simon's "Father and Daughter" or something fun and choreographed like this one—it just depends on personality.

The Birthday Toast

This special speech is usually delivered by Dad, but Mom or a grandparent could also make this part of the Sweet Sixteen Party extra special. The speech usually focuses on special and joyful moments the daughter has been a part of over the years. It could also include wishes for a bright and successful future or a touching or humorous (but not embarrassing!) story from the birthday girl's childhood.

The rest of the party is up to you. Of course for decorations and cupcake toppers we recommend! They're just the right amount of whimsy and sophistication—the perfect way to hold on to a little piece of childhood.

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