Saturday, July 30, 2011

Top 6 Wedding Planning Mistakes

Photo Courtesy of: Christine Lim and Ruby Yeo
If you want your wedding planning to go smoothly, these are the top 6 wedding planning mistakes you can't afford to make!
  1. Waiting too long to place deposits. You find a great place, but you're worried that something better might pop up. Rather than place a deposit, you decide to wait it out. Finally, you decide after weeks of waiting that you want the venue for your ceremony or your reception. When you whip out your wallet, you discover that someone else has already reserved your date.
  2. Hiring the cheapest band. Do you and your guests a favor and at the very least listen to a demo first. You might also want to get recommendations if you are not familiar with local bands. Bad music can kill the reception!
  3. Rushing through the rehearsal. All audio and visual tools should be checked at your rehearsal. Don't just practice walking down the aisle. Make sure you cover all the technical bases too.
  4. Leaving the dress in closet untouched for months. This is a big one for brides who buy their dresses well in advance of their wedding. Try it on periodically to make sure you're not putting on or losing too much weight. Last minute alterations are pretty much impossible to get right.
  5. Going over budget. Track your expenses closely, because wedding expenses can add up fast. Going outside your budget can have catastrophic consequences, leaving you with huge debts as you start your lives together.
  6. Trying to do it all yourself. Even if you can't hire a wedding planner, you should be willing to delegate some of the responsibilities to your friends and family. If you don't as for help you run the risk of forgetting something really important in addition to making yourself crazy from the stress.
Do you have a special tip to share with a bride to be? Share it in the comments!

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