Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Ways to Take Better Party Photos

From birthday parties to wedding anniversaries, the best way to preserve your party memories is to take pictures! Some of our customers have submitted some fantastic photos of events featuring custom Pinwhirls, many taken by some very talented professional photographers. However, if your party is less formal, or you just don't have the budget, we've got some tips to help you get better party photos.

Photo Courtesy of Beth B.
When you're finished, you can browse the Pinwhirls Flickr photo stream for inspiration.

5 Tips for Better Party Photos

  1. Try to get a group shot. Getting everyone together at the same time can be difficult, so plan accordingly. You'll want to try for the group shot toward the beginning of the party, as some people may leave the party early.

  2. Don't try to pose people. Candid shots are more fun, so unless you're trying to get everyone to make a silly face, we recommend just going with the flow. Take pictures of people when they don't suspect it, and you're bound to get some of the best shots of the night.

  3. Know the party schedule. More formal affairs like anniversary parties might adhere to a schedule of events. Get the itinerary for the party so you don't miss any of the photo-worthy moments.

  4. Be creative. Move around the room to get different shots from different perspectives. Don't just set up the camera in a corner and ask people to say "cheese." (Although a camera booth is still a great idea!) Stand on chairs. Sit on the floor. See what happens when you take photos from a number of different angles.

  5. Remember that zoom is your friend. By zooming in and out you can have some fun with photos. Plus the zoom feature can help you get around camera shyness with some of the guests. If you don't have to stick the camera right in front of them, the pictures will look more natural.
Do you hire a photographer or take your own photos for birthdays and other events?

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