Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cocktail Party Tips

Cocktail parties are generally pretty classy gatherings. They're the perfect event when you're hosting the boss and colleagues during the evening, but they're also fun for receptions or for entertaining a group of close friends.

The formula for a cocktail party is pretty simple. Guests are served snacks and finger foods and a variety of alcoholic beverages. For obvious reasons, a cocktail party invitation will not include children. Most parties last about 2 or 3 hours and start anywhere from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Tips for Hosting a Great Cocktail Party

1. The job of hostess is very important. You'll be expected to introduce friends and colleagues that may not know each other, and generally make sure that the conversation continues throughout the party. Of course, it will also be your job to make sure the food and drinks are replenished as necessary.

2. Don't forget the designated drivers. It probably goes without saying, but designated drivers are a must at any party where alcoholic beverages are served. It's probably a good idea to put a little reminder on your party invitations. Something simple like, "Don't forget to bring a DD!"

3. Plan the menu ahead. You should probably plan for 3-4 drinks for each guest you invite to the cocktail party. The food menu you should fairly simple and include snacks and appetizer dishes that are easy to eat while walking around and mingling.

4. Entertainment ideas. Cocktail parties can be budget-friendly affairs. A live band isn't necessary, because your guests will spend the majority of their time chatting with each other. For a little ambiance, you might want to play some light jazz or instrumental music in the background.

5. Go for simple but elegant party decor. No need to overdo the decorations a cocktail party. Some simple, elegant linens and nice glassware will do the trick. Finishing touches could include fresh flower arrangements and candlelight.

Cocktail parties are very easy to plan and can be a great way to introduce your friends and colleagues. What are some of your cocktail party planning tips?

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