Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Master the Art of Mingling at a Party

It's one thing to throw a party, and another thing to attend a party. For some introverted partygoers and for individuals who find themselves trying to fit in with a new social crowd, a little refresher on party etiquette can be a lifesaver.

For other more extroverted participants, a little restraint might be called for. So here's what to do after you get the party invitation and accept your invitation to the event.

Mingling & Socializing: Party Etiquette
  • Don't get too hung up on yourself. When you care about other people, the conversation tends to flow pretty naturally. So concentrate on asking questions that help you get to know the other people at the party.
  • Move around the room. Even if you're engaged in a conversation, it's okay to excuse yourself and move around the room. It's good to meet new people. If you're intimidated by groups or crowds, seek out people standing by themselves. They'll be glad you approached and introduced yourself.
  • Be a good listener. Your interest in what other people have to say makes you likable. If you have a tendency to let your mouth motor on, make a conscious effort to give others an opportunity to join the conversations. A good way to accomplish this is by pausing after you speak. The longer you pause, the more likely someone else will jump in to the conversation.
  • Stay positive. There's a reason they call them party poopers. Negativity really doesn't have any place at a party, and your mood can sour the mood for a whole lot of people. Focus on the positive things you have to say, and never ever talk badly about the party, the food, the host, or the guests.
  • Introduce the people you know. It's okay to play hostess at the party. When you introduce to people that don't know each other yet, mention something they may have in common. This can kickstart a new conversation and also give you a polite way to exit the conversation without leaving someone standing alone.
What do you love or hate about mingling and socializing at parties?

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